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What Does Apprenticeship With Vip Pmu Look Like:

We understand that starting in permanent makeup is just as much frightening as exciting.  Our hope is to elevate our students and apprentices with a strong foundation of not just skills but a mindset for success. We help pinpoint weaknesses and use strengths as a driving tool to reach your dreams.


 Apprenticeships with Vip Pmu allow candidates to expand their skill set, practice their skills on real clients, and build their clientele; with the help of others to know the right path to take in each situation. This will amplify precision work, clint retention, great reviews, and most of all courage.  All the while developing a mindset that will not only have your clients raving about you but building a long-lasting relationship. Relationships are what makes us stand out to clients. We focus on a full scope training environment; not just tattooing. 


The program is in person and digital so you can utilize these tools right from your phone. If you haven't yet done so; find me @MistyVipPmu on Instagram or hit the link above and send a message saying high. 


We would love to chat with you to see if we are a good fit. 

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