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Application Tips

For the best approval odds please follow the directions below.

Loan Amount:  You may want to request just a little more than the tuition amount to account for any origination fees that may be charged by the lender. (Example: If package is $2,500, apply for $3,000 (origination fees typically range 2%-6% but not all lenders charge one).

Loan Purpose:  Please choose “Other” for coaching/training loan purposes – this ensures that all lenders on the platform are shopped

Credit Score:  580 minimum – lenders look at credit, income, existing debt, payments made on time, etc. If you are unsure of your credit score, we advise choosing fair credit for best chance of approval (640 - 679)

Soft Credit Pull:  If you feel any information was input incorrectly or mistyped, resubmit application

We also except PayPal & Paypal Loan

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